Project Development Process

Step One - Existing Conditions

This stage of the project development process includes an analysis of existing conditions in the study area that borders the U.S. 30 corridor, the identification of stakeholders, and the development of the Stakeholder Involvement Plan. This stage also involves the creation of a Community Advisory Group (CAG); hosting CAG meetings to introduce the project and to identify study area issues/concerns; and the development of the project Problem Statement and Purpose and Need.

Step Two - Project Alternatives

This stage of the project consists of the identification and refinement of project alternatives. The goal of this step will be to select alternatives suitable to meet project and stakeholder goals that were identified in Step One. CAG meetings and a public open house meeting will be hosted to gain input on the development and analysis of project alternatives.

Step Three - Final Alternative

The process will continue with the identification and general understanding of agreement of the preferred design alternative. This alternative will be presented initially at the last CAG meeting and then at a public open house meeting to solicit additional stakeholder feedback.

Illinois Department of Transportation