Public Involvement Opportunities

There will be several methods for the public to become involved and obtain information about the project. These methods will provide information and the opportunity for feedback regarding upcoming public events, project schedule, and general project status updates within the study area.

Public Open House Meeting

A Public Open House Meeting will be held to provide the opportunity for public involvement during the project development phase. The large-scale meeting is intended to encourage public attendance and foster public awareness of project developments and the alternatives being evaluated. This meeting will provide a forum for general public input, including thoughts, concerns and comments regarding the project. Questions raised by meeting participants, depending on the nature, will either be answered at the meeting, via letters, or by using other communication mechanisms. Comments received at the Public Open House Meeting will be documented and the information will be considered as a part of the analysis and evaluation of the proposed improvements.

Public meeting materials will be posted here as they become available. Please check back.

Other Public Outreach and Involvement Measures

In addition to the meeting and hearing opportunities described in the preceding section, there will be several other methods for the public to obtain information about the project. These methods (noted below) will provide information and the opportunity for feedback regarding the study and the project.

Mailing List

To support public meeting/hearing invitations and other direct public contact, a mailing list will be developed and updated regularly. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be added to the list, as available. If you would like to be added to the Mailing List, please visit the Contact Us section of the Information Center.


A common communication tool for a project is the use of newsletters. To assist with the consistent delivery of information on the background, progress, and design alternative, a newsletter will be produced and distributed at a key project milestone.

Media Strategies

An effective method of informing the general public about a project and its results is through broadcast and print media. Media strategies to be used during this study include message development, press releases, publication pieces, and media correspondence wit agency-designated spokespersons.

Question/Comment Submittal Form

Please fill out our comment form, as we are interested in your thoughts and ideas. You can then be added to our mailing list to receive meeting/hearing notices and other mailings.

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